What is a cookie?

 A cookie is a small piece of information or data packages sent from specific website and stored on the user’s web browser while the user is browsing. These cookies allow the website to look up certain data concerning the user’s navigation. For the better performance of the website cookies are mainly used it also help the website to receive analytical information regarding its activity. For the proper function of our service these cookies are essential. We use cookies where they are essential in order to deliver our services without them Make all trip wouldn’t work properly.  Some of the cookies are removed as soon you leave our website because we don’t need to store all your information. Cookie are use for various reasons for improving the usability of the website , for provision of personalized experience for collecting usage statistics and it  always remember your search criteria such as routes, dates and the number of travelers once you reopen the site your information are always there for help you to optimize and personalize the delivery of our services. Cookie also can recognize weather you are first time visitors or a regular visitors by knowing that we can recall your language and currency preferences or your most recent searches.  We use cookie to analyze and better understand of our services and to deliver advertising and to improve the security of this website.

Types Of Cookies

There are various types of cookies are their  according to data storage duration some cookies stored in your browser only till you close down your browser that type of cookies called as “session cookies” and some cookies are stored in browser for an extended period of time that type of cookies are called as “permanent cookies”. If you don’t want to allow storage of cookies on your browser you can change setting in your browser.  According to purpose there are also various type cookies are there.  Some cookies are essential to make the website work properly these types of cookies known as “technical cookies”. There are some cookies which can quantify the volume of users and how they use the sites these cookies known as “analytical cookies”. Another cookie is there by which we can necessary to able to share our website in social media, these cookies are managed by social media itself .Some cookies are send from third parties, these third parties act as intermediaries to bring content to you by various way like offers, social media advertisements, messages these types of cookies are known as “marketing cookies”.

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