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Visit-Kerala-During Winter

Winter Special Tour On Kerala

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Are you planed for winter trip? Are you confused where to go for a trip ? We suggest to visiting Kerala in winter. Kerala is one of the most beautiful state for a winter trip. It’s important for you to choose best places on Kerala so that you can feel the nature and climate in the winter trip. Relax!!We are here to show you some special places which more attractive places on Kerala and you can feel the environment. The best time for book your Kerala trip on the month of December, So many visitors can visit because there are plenty of attraction on Kerala during winter. Makealltrip book your flight and hotel booking in advance for your comfort and time saving.Here some places of Kerala which more beautiful on Winter .. go for a look…

Silent Valley

Silent Valley-top winter trip place on kerala

Silent Valley is a national park in Kerala ,India.which is located in  Nilgiri hills. This park experiences rainfall between the month of june and December due to southwest monsoon winds. This is really amazing feelings which is cover with nature.Silent Valley Park experiences rainfall between June and December due to the southwest monsoon winds.  By the botanist this area was explored in 1847. Silent Valley park is one of the tropical moist evergreen forest in India. 


top winter trip place on kerala

Vagamon is one of the most beautiful hill station in Kerala, which is located Kottayam, Idukki border of Kerala.  Flying Paragliding is another charm of Vagamon. Generally the climate is cool so that visitors can fully enjoying his moments. Paragliding festival is one of the most famous events of the world which is organized by the Adventure Sports and Sustainable Tourism Academy. This is the one of the best tourist place in December. Large number of  visitors from all over the world , came to visit Vagamon


munnar-top winter trip place on kerala

Munnar is the best place in kerala to visit in winter.Munnar is also called as Kashmir of South India.This is perfect hill station where you can see several beauties of nature.This is the best place who loves photography .It is well know as  tea town of munnar. There are lot of beauty  tea plantation which is more attractive. You can  plan a honeymoon destination because of romantic  nature. Capture the beauty of nature at munnar.

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